A Message from The President

John Gross

Your gift matters.
Your financial support matters by providing funding for law-related charitable and education projects that take place across New York, positively impacting men, women, and children in our communities.  Because of your support, The Foundation is able to make a difference in the lives of less fortunate people in our communities, on a daily basis.

Together, we make a difference.
As we review grant applications and grantee reports, we see testimonials of how your gift makes life-changing impacts on people every day. 

As attorneys, we are more aware than most of the gaps in legal services for economically disadvantaged individuals. For many types of legal services, if the consumer cannot pay, he or she is dependent on legal services corporations or attorneys who offer pro bono services. Many of the functionally poor in our communities are actually not impoverished enough to qualify for legal aid. And there are always more cases than legal services corporations can handle.

Why give.
It is these un-served and under-served legal needs that The New York Bar Foundation can help fill. Grants to organizations that run divorce clinics or client housing workshops, or help train pro bono attorneys can actually reach hundreds of individuals who might otherwise never have the benefit of legal advice.

By giving to The New York Bar Foundation you play a key role in making a difference.

Thank you,
John H. Gross, President